Epiphany coin collectors are awesome.  We (Leo, Lynn, & Marcia)  kept the bank's coin sorter busy for 30 minutes depositing the coins collected for Global Mission on Sunday.  And, the final deposit (including bills and checks) was $1,631.84.  This is the most we have ever deposited at this point (first of December) in our Global Mission fund raising efforts over the years.  We thank you, Epiphany members!!

Keep your jars and begin collecting for 2018.
Epiphany Evangelism Committee

Hey everyone!!

I hope everyone is doing well today! I know that this time of year is especially busy at Epiphany, but I had a little Christmas project I am planning, and I would love your help. The holidays are a hard time for a lot of people, and two groups of people that I think could really use some holiday cheer are the people effected by both the Las Vegas shooting and the church shooting in Sutherland, Texas! I am not wanting us to overload their mailboxes with hundreds of cards, but I think that a few nice hand decorated cards will help remind them that they are in our hearts as they approach the holiday season, if you would like to help I believe that we are meeting at around 5:45 on Wednesday night before supper. That will give us about a half hour, which should be enough time, but if we need more time we can always stay a little after worship. I would love for all ages to participate in this small act that will hopefully add some light into their lives this Christmas! Blessings to you all!


Elizabeth Hamilton