CARBONDALE:  Epiphany Lutheran Church, 1501 W. Chautauqua, Saturday, Sept. 30th, 8 am - 2 pm, church-wide yard sale.  Widely varied household items of all sorts, incl. elliptical machine, electronics, crafts; no clothing, but some shoes, hats, & other accessories. Proceeds go to help support seminary students.


09/25/2017 3:50pm

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10/17/2017 9:38am

Very inspiring. It is good to know that other people make efforts and are doing such a helpful activities to help other people and provide them support. This might be a little thing or it may seem not big at all but certainly the benefactors appreciate it very much and that it is such a big thing to them. Imagine that this little efforts can create big impact to others. Let us find bigger purpose in life. May we all become a good servant of the Lord. May we feel that we are always blessed and most of all loved by the one and only God.

09/26/2017 5:56am

Church is holy place and here discussion for sale the church. Many peoples give the donation for buy the place of church because all type of holy place has great value in our life.

09/29/2017 9:07pm

To those who are in search of different items they can use in their respective houses, you should come in this Church Yard sale! They are selling some electronic gadgets, shoes, and hats; items that are trendy today! Though they are not selling clothes, I still have the interest to go. I will ask my friends to go with me so that they'll be able to have something new in their lives! Thank you for this very kind update.

10/04/2017 2:30pm

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