Epiphany Lutheran Church - Carbondale, Illinois

Epiphany Lutheran Church

1501 W. Chautauqua Street - Carbondale, Illinois - (618) 457-2065

Lutherans use a form of worship that originated among the earliest Christians and developed throughout centuries of church history.

While the Gospel of Jesus Christ frees us to worship as we see fit, we value liturgical worship for its connection to the historical church, and (perhaps more importantly) for its normative and holistic character — the fact that week in and week out we are confronted with biblical texts and themes that do not depend on our personal whims.

Additionally, we are given opportunities to pray not just for our own needs, but for the needs of the whole world, the whole church in its many expressions, and those in our local community and congregation.

Liturgical worship thus has a way of drawing us out of ourselves and into a fuller relationship with God and our fellow humans.