Under the leadership of the Church Council President and the Pastor, the Council meets monthly to develop and lead policies and practices of the church. Members of the Council serve as Chairpersons of committees and/or officers of the Council. An annual budget is developed by the Finance Committee, approved by the Council, and presented to the Congregation for approval each year.


Committees are chaired by members of the Church Council. All members of Epiphany are encouraged to use their time and talents to serve on committees of their choice:

Officers and Committee Chairs

President: Deb Sarvela

Vice President: Anne Terry

Secretary: Mari Schneider

Christian Education: Jan Womack

Communication: Andrew Hanson (

Evangelism: Marcia Anderson

Fellowship: Pam Umlauf-Brown

Health/Safety: Anne Terry

Property: Tim Fink

Social Ministry: Mike Langan

Worship: Mari Schneider

Youth: Clare Smith

Finance Committee

Treasurer: Wayne Griffith

Financial Secretary: Lynn Smith

Business Manager: Olise Mandat (